GSO Commentary — A New Director-General for the ILO

The list of nine candidates for the position of Director-General at the International Labour Organization has been announced.  See the list here.  In chronological order of receiving their nominations, the list includes Gilles de Robien (France), Angelino Garzón (Colombia), Ad Melkert (Netherlands), Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Malaysia), Ibrahim Assane Mayaki (Niger), Assane Diop (Senegal), Mona Sahlin (Sweden), Guy Ryder (nominated by Worker members of the Governing Body) and Charles Dan (Benin).  All nine will be interviewed by the Governing Body on 30 to 31 March, and the actual election is scheduled for 28 May 2012.  Balloting rounds will continue until a candidate receives a majority.  Last September, the current Director-General Juan Somavia announced his early departure to be effective on 30 September 2012, and the new Director-General will assume his position then.  The ILO Governing Body, meeting in Geneva for the last two weeks has been abuzz with the pros and cons of each candidate.