GSO Commentary — Measuring Progress Addressing NCDs

On the WHO front, we have momentum on new and revised proposals for a global monitoring framework with targets and indicators for measuring global progress in addressing the non-communicable diseases of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.  This also includes proposals for “Multi-Sectoral Action for the prevention and control of NCDs through effective partnership”.  The WHO has launched a consultation period running to 9 April and will then prepare revised proposals for consideration at the May 2012 session of the World Health Assembly.   The proposed targets have been reduced from ten to five, including a new one on reducing “physical inactivity” by 10 percent.  Other targets address mortality, blood pressure, tobacco use and salt intake.  In the proposals regarding multi-sectoral options, seven issues for consultations are listed:  the “whole of government” approach, political leadership, responsible stewardship and conflict of interest, sustainable financing, sustainable workforce, access to medicines and technologies, and impact assessment.   The latest documents are on the WHO website here.