GSO Intern Report — The Role of the Food and Beverage Industry in Ensuring a Healthy Food Supply, by Megan Pera, UNC Chapel Hill

Ending hunger and ensuring food security has been a focus of the international community for decades, dating back at least to the creation of the World Food Programme in 1961. 1 Recently, food security has been included in the 2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda draft, reaffirming its importance in the global community today. Efforts to ensure worldwide food security often focus on agricultural output, with the main priority being to supply a sufficient quantity of food to all people at all times. However, the definition of food security also includes parameters about the quality of food; that is, food security is defined as all people at all times having access to enough “nutritious food for a healthy lifestyle.” 2 With both the quantity and the quality aspects of food security in mind, this report will focus on the role of the world’s largest food and beverage companies in ensuring a sufficient, safe, and nutritious food supply. Read more here: Megan Pera, Food Security (pdf)