GSO Intern Report — The Green Economy and Green Protectionism,by Yasmin Romitti,  Boston University

Impressions from the UNCTAD Ad Hoc Expert Meeting on the Green Economy: Trade and Sustainable Development Implications

Previous to this panel, I had never heard the term “green protectionism” before, thus it was quite interesting to learn what it is, and how it affects the economy and the transitions involved in greening the economy. Furthermore, it was clear from the comments of several of the experts that care needs to be taken to work together to prevent protectionism measures being taken in the name of environmental protection.  In light of the current financial and debt situation, it seems that many governments find this as a convenient excuse to help their own economies and promote growth; however, this is only short term. Governments need to think long term, it is in their interest and in the interest of the world economy as a whole to work together to make this transition smooth and promote overall growth globally.