On the Right to Food Debate at the Human Rights Council, 8 March 2011

by  Amanda Carter,  Boston University


  • agriculture should be directed to more environmentally sustainable methods, support the working paper but in regards to this issue it is not sufficient
  • ensuring food is accessible and adequate
  • food security and nutrition



  • remarks on report: states introduce measures in agro-ecology
  • improvement in market access will be achieved through transparent trade (through Doha Rounds)
  • agricultural subsidies of developed countries removal will make contribution technology


Saudi Arabia

  • endorse statement of Pakistan on behalf of Islamic conference, importance of agriculture sector, effects of the world financial crisis
  • application of science to promote production
  • combat poverty and promote food security (SA), have renounced 6 billion in debt due by poor countries


Holy See

  • right to food is linked to right  to life
  • safe food must be available tall
  • attention to people reliant on agriculture
  • reduce malnutrition in rural areas



  • right of everyone to earn an adequate standard of living, Israel is infringing on these rights of Palestinians, cutting families off from farms on the other side of ‘illegal wall’ threatens to undermine the viability of Palestinian state
  • home demolitions, risk of forced evictions



  • countries that support agro-ecology sustainably ensuring the right to food
  • need for cooperation for countries of the south
  • international cooperation for protection of right to food
  • Qatar is investing in many countries in agriculture, national food security is essential



  • what is the role of the private sector in agro-ecology



  • Sudan has comprehensive plan concentrate on farming of wheat and expanding farming of sugar cane
  • help to women farmers
  • offer subsidized housing on vulnerable groups
  • Darfur is reaping the fruit of peace



  • concerned with rise in food prices, effect of crisis of capitalism looking to maximize their profits
  • set up a food security fund, food security network



  • fundamental human right and human need
  • legal obligation to respect and fulfill the right to food
  • higher incomes preventing degradation to ecosystems
  • needs to address differences in ecosystems
  • housing on context of natural disaster