GSO Commentary — NCD Roundtable Update (GSO Colloquium Series Launch Event)

GSO Colloquium Series Launch Event

10 January 2012

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On 10 January 2012, the Global Social Observatory launched a Colloquium Series on Non-Communicable Diseases to support the implementation of the United Nations Political Declaration on the Prevention and Control of NCDs under the leadership of the World Health Organization.  The launch event on 10 January featured a discussion on the specific issues and challenge areas associated with establishing the underlying principles for multi-stakeholder dialogue and engagement, leading to the adoption of a statement on “The Role of Multi-Stakeholder and Multi-Sectoral Collaboration on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases”.  Please click HERE to read the statement. 

The 10 January event also introduced the participatory framework for the rest of the Colloquium Series.  Please click HERE to participate in the GSO Colloquium Series Survey.  The GSO has also prepared a proposal for a 2012 Colloquium Series on Non-Communicable Disease for broad multi-stakeholder sponsorship for the series.  Please click HERE for the proposal.