Consultation Process on Conflict of Interest in the SUN Movement

The Global Social Observatory (GSO) received a grant to implement a consultation process on Conflict of Interest issues associated with the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement, which is founded and promoted on the principle that all people have a right to food and good nutrition.  The GSO project addressing Conflict of Interest will be undertaken from April 2013 to February 2015.

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The purpose of the project is to undertake a transparent process to address the issue of conflict of interest within the context of the SUN Movement, in order to ensure that all stakeholders can contribute fully to achieving the Movement’s objective of delivering better nutritional outcomes for mothers and children.


SUNLaunched in 2010, SUN is a global movement that unites governments, civil society, businesses and citizens in a worldwide effort to end under-nutrition.   The Movement is supporting government-led, multi-stakeholder initiatives in over 30 countries.  As explained in the SUN Movement Strategy for 2012 to 2015, “Stakeholders, representing a range of organizations and entities and reaching across sectors, are coming together to make the most of diverse experience and resources and foster coordination in support of country-led efforts to scale up nutrition”.  The SUN Movement is guided by a Lead Group that was appointed by the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in September 2012.  The SUN Secretariat is led by Dr. David Nabarro, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Food Security and Nutrition.  Further information on the SUN Movement is available here.

Project Description

As it has with programs to address HIV/AIDS, diabetes and non-communicable diseases, the GSO will create a neutral space for all stakeholders committed to working together through the SUN Movement to end maternal and child under-nutrition, to build a mutual understanding of each stakeholder’s objective; to prepare guidance on the practical meaning of engagement in the SUN Movement; and to explore ways to manage conflicts of interest that may arise.   The project is organized around three objectives – (1) mapping the issues regarding the Principles of Engagement for the SUN Movement; (2) establishing and implementing a consultative process to adopt a guidance note on the Principles of Engagement and conflict of interest; and (3) implementing the guidance note in specific enhanced learning exercises.  Specifically,

  1.  The GSO will undertake a mapping exercise to catalogue the key issues related to the SUN Movement and its Principles of Engagement, with an emphasis on issues associated with conflict of interest.  This mapping exercise will be prepared by the GSO in the form of a research paper which will serve as the basis for the next stage of the process.
  2. The GSO will convene three multi-stakeholder consultations with a view to developing agreed guidance to the SUN Movement on conflict of interest.  The GSO will facilitate an interactive dialogue with a neutral and open participatory format in these three sessions.   The objective will be for the participants to discuss, adapt and finalize a document on “SUN Movement Principles of Engagement and Guidance on Conflict of Interest “.
  3. Following agreement on the guidance, the GSO will convene a number of “enhanced learning” exercises with a view to exploring further the practical application of the guidance note, by testing and verifying its usefulness in relation to specific issues based on hypothetical case studies.

The GSO will provide regular progress reports and a final report to the Lead Group of the SUN Movement.  The concluding report will seek to identify how the guidance has made a difference in aligning multi-stakeholder collaboration for reducing undernutrition and malnutrition and in contributing to achieving the overall objective of the SUN Movement of delivering better nutritional outcomes for mothers and children.

Project Funding

The GSO project on Conflict of Interest in the SUN Movement has been made possible by a grant from the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition to informing an understanding of the causes and consequences of undernutrition and effective ways to address it, the foundation supports initiatives like the Scaling Up Nutrition movement to raise awareness, increase resources and improve the capacity and accountability of programs. Further information on the Gates Foundation can be found at

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