Susan Brown-Shafii

Independent Trade Advisor and former Scientific Coordinator, Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research on Trade Regulation, World Trade Institute.

Susan’s a trade policy and global governance practitioner who has worked at the interface between the policy, development and academic communities for more than 20 years, promoting sustainable economic integration.  An expert in comparative politics and strategic public procurement, she has a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics, an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands and a BA from the University of Michigan.  In addition to the World Trade Institute, employers have included: LSE Enterprise; the Secretariats of the International Labor Organization, the UN Conference on Trade and Development and the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade/World Trade Organization and; Hagen Resources International (conducting research for a 3-year US National Academy of Science project to develop indicators for monitoring compliance with international labor standards, an early project seeking to harness big data for governance purposes).

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