The Geneva Social Observatory convened a series of multistakeholder roundtable discussions on various themes and Planning Group meetings on Social Responsibility and HIV/AIDS during 2005. These discussions culminated in an extended roundtable (Forum) on HIV/AIDS and the Informal Economy in Africa: Building a Multistakeholder Action Plan with a view to achieving the following objectives:

  • Provide a mutual learning experience for participants;
  • Stimulate partnerships between actors and constituents in the informal economy; and
  • Build a multistakeholder action plan.

With regard to the process adopted at the Forum, the GSO presented a mapping exercise to assess the current knowledge and resources for reaching out to the informal sector. This included a compilation of existing studies and projects relating to the informal sector and HIV/AIDS in 13 African countries. It identified available data on the informal sector, the social partners, local organizations and other NGOs, government programmes, service providers and international organizations. Participants were also provided with a list of relevant case studies.

The report of the Proceedings of the Forum was presented at the International Conference of AIDS Societies in Africa (ICASA 2005) in Abuja, Nigeria in December 2005 and again at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada in August 2006.

Summary reports of the meetings and related documents can be found by clicking on the links below.

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