Mr. Ralph Doggett

Ralph Doggett

Ralph McShane Doggett serves as the Treasurer and Secretary of the Global Social Observatory.   He is responsible for the financial management and records of the GSO and guides the strategic planning of the GSO through his membership on the GSO Management Committee.   He is also co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Economist for Hagen Resources International (HRI) since 2001, and he is the managing director of the Council for Multilateral Business Diplomacy.

Mr. Doggett has over 30 years of experience in business and government relations, having worked with a variety of premier economic consulting firms (McGraw-Hill/Data Resources; INFORUM; International Research & Technology) specializing in macro-economic policy and analysis, inter-industry (input-output) economics, econometrics and forecasting.  He broadened his skills by developing and implementing business plans, marketing and public relations strategies.  Serving a diverse array of clients in governments, the private sector, and NGOs, he has displayed an ability to work across cultures and levels of development to deliver services and meet the needs of clients in both advanced industrialized economies and in developing and emerging economies.

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