Dr. Julia Seyer

Dr. Julia Seyer, Medical Advisor, is a family physician by training and works on special projects for WMA.  She has worked in Germany, Great Britain, and Switzerland, and has a Masters degree in International Health Economy and Policy from the University Bocconi in Milan, Italy.  Much of Julia’s work focuses on health systems, health care professionals migration, medical regulation and access and quality assurance of medicine.  She leverages her expertise as a physician in her work on medical and public health issues, such as leading projects on MDR-TB, tobacco cessation, non-communicable diseases and patient safety. She is also a key liaison between WMA and the WHO, other UN and International Organisations, and NGOs. Julia staffs the Medical Ethics Committee, including the workgroups on child health, relationships with pharmaceutical industry, professionally-led regulation, conflict of interest, use of placebo in biomedical research, and stem cell therapy. Julia also leads the secretariat of the World Health Professional Alliance (WHPA), as the WMA serves its turn in the WHPA members’ rotation for providing this service.

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